Sunday, October 24, 2010

Andrea Carrol
Art Advance Review
October 22, 2010

     Once again, Gallery U manages to pull off a magnificent show.  "Cammanata" (Italian for walk) was the highlight of the Montclair Gallery Walk 2010.  With hundreds of patrons in attendance throughout the night, Gallery Director, Robert Greco provided an important and eclectic display of fantastic emerging artwork.  Cammanata, with classic disco pumping in the background, was a collection of artwork in motion. The highlighted piece "Inside of Emptiness" by first time gallery participant Nick Domanski set the stage for this multifarious collection. 
      UI Collective pieces, created by the clients of Universal Institute Rehab included a wonderful wall sculpture from recycled paper and featured cascading purple string, it was done with such careful balance and grace it really demonstrated the artistic talents of people with traumatic brain injuries.  
     Other notable pieces were Michael Alago's bold photograph of the back of a skinhead and Lynne Toye's dreaming landscapes.  I loved the two little cityscape pieces by Inbred Hybrid Collective and the large black and white abstract photographs by Robert Langdon.  
     The most impressive pieces were the spray paint art of Joe Iurato who created portraits of musicians/artist Janis Joplin and Tom Waites.  In his usual stencil style and created on wood, the flawless likeness surrounded the room and brought the other portrait pieces to life.  In attendance were several members of the NJ State Council of the Arts, local real estate mogul Dick Grabowski, New York Gallerist,  Marisol Klien, Contemporary Art Collector, Denise Clemens-Thouran and of course a selection of New Jersey's most interesting and illustrious.
Cammanata is a must see show, be sure to catch it before it 'walks' away.

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