Friday, August 10, 2012

Gallery U. Will Make You Grin

Mama! Let’s go in and look at the Birthday Legs!
Sometimes, living in Montclair is too good. We have movies showing in gardens and on the streets, music in the parks, and our grocery stores partner with our art museum to give us outdoor entertainment as well. Sometimes, perhaps because there are so many special events around us, we overlook the everyday awesomeness.
Thanks to my kids, my eyes were drawn to Gallery U as we walked on Glenridge Avenue after camp.  ”Mama! Let’s go in and look at the Birthday Legs!” That was enough to get me to shield my eyes with my hand and peer into the storefront window.  And yes. There were birthday legs.
Now, the college-aged me would have written a paper on how this piece of art was commenting on women’s bodies as the showy cake-toppers of Life. (We even found out that the stockings and shoes are changed every month or so.) Or perhaps I would have morphed it into a commentary on the famous leg lamp in A Christmas Story. But with two preschoolers, I just thought it looked cool. So we opened the door, and we entered Gallery U.

Just a small detail from the “Coolest Bathroom in the World.”
Not only did we get to see the coolest bathroom in the world, we also saw wonderfully fun multimedia art pieces in all different styles. We loved the butterflies in several of the pieces, and I am going back to take a second look at the Louis Armstrong painting (surrounded by butterflies).
The coolest part of Gallery U. is that it doesn’t only display established alternative art; it also displays art by artists who have had traumatic brain injuries. How cool is that? And some of the art is truly affordable – we saw some cool, smaller pieces for $10!
Do yourself a favor and stop by Gallery U. for a look-see during the day, or attend one of their art shows or fashion shows. It will make you smile. I promise.
Gallery U. (Montclair) 179 Glenridge Avenue Montclair, NJ 07042‎   (973) 707-7159

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