Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Start 2015 off by supporting local art!

Start 2015 off by supporting local art. Come see the exhibit "Primar(il)y Red: Artwork Celebrating the Color Red" which includes 23 local artists of various mediums and styles. This show will be exhibited through Monday, January 5. We also carry a wide selection of art prints, glasswork, pottery, purses, hats, pens, jewelry and other items by local artisans. Gallery U Boutique is the only place in Union County where you can find these unique items!

Primar(il)y Red: Artwork Celebrating the Color Red
on exhibit through january 5, 2015

"Music Staff" 
Neal Acito, Westfield, NJ
Reproduction print of watercolor and Sharpie original
image copyright Neal Acito

"Rainbow Trout"
Linnea W. Rhodes, Westfield 
Reproduction print of watercolor and pen original. 
Image copyright Linnea W. Rhodes

""Montalcino View #2""
Linnea W. Rhodes, Westfield 
Limited edition print of watercolor and pen original. 
Image copyright Linnea W. Rhodes

Donna Slevin & Ellen Oliveri of Verre Couture
Westfield, NJ

David Kother's Woodturning Garage
Scotch Plains, NJ

Marion Schwartz Millenary
Westfield, NJ

Purse and Pouch
Fanwood, NJ

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Available at Gallery U: Photographs of Venice by Nancy Ori

Are you, or someone you know, a lover of all things Venetian? We have the gift for this holiday season. 6 different original scenes of Venice's breathtaking canals by Berkeley Heights photographer Nancy Ori. Each image is matted to 8" x 10" and ready to frame. Pick one up while supplies last. Images copyright Nancy Ori. Images may not be used in any manner without the permission of the artist. 

"Morning Ride"
Image copyright Nancy Ori 
Image may not be used in any manner without the permission of the artist

"Venice From the Bridge"
Image copyright Nancy Ori 
Image may not be used in any manner without the permission of the artist

"Venice at Sunrise"
Image copyright Nancy Ori 
Image may not be used in any manner without the permission of the artist

Image copyright Nancy Ori 
Image may not be used in any manner without the permission of the artist


The images were made in Venice while Ori was preparing to teach a workshop there.  In general, her style is straight forward and documentary while working with strong compositions of landscape and architecture. She is considered to be a representational artist with an emphasis on capturing light and its effects on the mood and atmosphere of a particular place and time.

 “I was inspired by the soft light revealing the textures and activities around me.   I strive to work with how the light is constantly changing. Positive and negative space and the simplicity of each statement is important in my black and white images,” said Ori.
Since 1970, Nancy Ori has traveled throughout the world working on various photographic and video projects which has given her the opportunity to explore many popular and cherished places with her cameras.  In 1980 and 1982, she was fortunate to study with Ansel Adams in Yosemite and then began teaching at his workshop for eight seasons.

She is respected for over three decades as a corporate photographer and video producer for New Jersey Media Center LLC in Berkeley Heights, NJ.  She enjoys teaching photography workshops in the US and Europe as well as tutoring privately throughout the year.  She is presently on the faculty of several museums in New Jersey.  In 1990, she established the New Jersey Heritage Workshop Series, which she holds annually in Cape May for photographers and other artists.  Ori’s work has been widely published and exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States and Europe.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah! We are carrying a nice selection of seasonal items created by our clients at Universal Institute, a rehab center for adults with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Stop in an pick up a decorative menorah, original design blank greeting cards, and other items.

NOW AVAILABLE: Reproduction prints of iconic Westfield, Cranford and Summit locations by artist Linnea W. Rhodes

We are now carrying prints by Westfield artist Linnea Rhodes. They are of various iconic Westfield, Cranford and Summit scenes. Each reproduction is from a watercolor, pen and ink original piece of art, doubled matted to 8" x 10" and ready to frame. These are limited edition prints and each is numbered. They make a wonderful gift for the Westfield resident in your life. Available while supplies last. Images copyright Linnea W. Rhodes. Images may not be used without the permission of the artist.

"Arcanum Hall - Winter"
image copyright Linnea W. Rhodes

"Early Morning Snow - Quimby and Elm"
image copyright Linnea W. Rhodes

"Quimby and Elm"
image copyright Linnea W. Rhodes

"Bandstand - Westfield"
image copyright Linnea W. Rhodes

"Broad and Elm II"
image copyright Linnea W. Rhodes

"Cranford Canoe Club"
image copyright Linnea W. Rhodes

"Summit Diner"
image copyright Linnea W. Rhodes

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tonight: POETRY U featuring YA author Alison Ruth

Please join Gallery U Boutique this evening from 7-9 for our monthly POETRY U series. Tonight's event will include readings from poets Tony Ciavolella and Greer Gurland, and novelist Alison Ruth who will be reading from her brand new young adult novel "Near Mint Cinderella." All are welcome. Light refreshments served.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gallery U Boutique Hosts Unique Shopping Weekend 
By Highlighting the Work of Local Artists & Artisans

Gallery U Boutique in Westfield, NJ, is hosting a unique weekend shopping event on December 6-7, 2014, that will highlight the work of local artists and artisans. Since their opening in September 2013, Gallery U Boutique has quickly positioned itself as an arts resource for the Westfield and surrounding communities by holding monthly art exhibits that focus on the talents of local artists, as well as showcasing original merchandise created by local artisans. 

Over one dozen local artists and artisans will offer their collections to the community on Saturday, December 6, 2014, from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Sunday, December 7, 2014, from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Many of the artists who have exhibited work in Gallery U Boutique’s monthly exhibitions and artisans who consign their items in the boutique will be present with an expanded collection of their works providing even more unique choices for holiday gift giving.

Participating artisans include Westfield milliner Marion Schwartz of Joy Design who will make a large selection of her distinctive handmade headwear available, glass artists Donna Slevin and Ellen Oliveri of Westfield who will have a large array of glass housewares, ornaments and other items available, North Plainfield jewelry artist Yvette Stewart, Purse and Pouch’s Megan Whitney of Fanwood who will showcase her collection of handbags, purses, diaper bags and pouches, and other artisans. 

Participating artists will make originals and prints of their work available including Virginia Carroll of Plainfield, Westfield photographer Richard Earl, watercolor artist Linnea W. Rhodes of Westfield, cut paper artist David Nicolato of Verona, and other artists.

Artists and artisans will meet and greet the public on December 6, 2014, from 1:00-3:00 PM and on December 7, 2014, from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM. With such an array of original and unique art and merchandise available in one location at one time, visitors are sure to find something for everyone on their holiday gift list. The gift of art is a gift of the heart! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

KATEPEDIA prints now available

We are now carrying reproduction prints from Luis Alves Collage's series KATEPEDIA. We have 6 prints of Luis' collages that include supermodel Kate Moss. A KATEPEDIA print is the perfect gift for that fashion-centric someone. Prints are matted to 16" x 20" and ready to frame. Available while supplies last.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hanukkah gifts

Now available in our boutique: Handmade hanging glass stars of David and dreidels made by Donna Slevin & Ellen Oliveri of Verre Couture, Westfield. The perfect gift for those on your Hanukkah gift list.

Monday, October 27, 2014

This Thursday Oct 30, POETRY U: Featuring a performance by The Fractal Ensemble, a contemporary group of musicians and spoken word artists

Please join Gallery U in Westfield for a special edition of Poetry U featuring a performance by The Fractal Ensemble, a contemporary group of musicians and spoken word artists. The Ensemble features Carol Brown, Mark Empire, Elizabeth Kalfayan, Michael Kovacs, Rebecca Tarlazzi and Justin Woo. Gallery U Boutique is located at 439 South Ave West in Westfield, NJ.

Friday, October 17, 2014

BACK TO SCHOOL: An Exhibition Celebrating the Talents of NJ Art Teachers, August 7 - September 8, 2014

An Exhibition Celebrating the Talents of NJ Art Teachers
August 7, 2014 - September 8, 2014

Exhibition Statement

Far too often art teachers spend the majority of their time teaching and leading our children. Thus, they find that they neglect to create and promote their own art. The purpose of BACK TO SCHOOL is to bring the attention back to the creative talents of these individuals and showcase their gifts. This exhibition was open to all art teachers in New Jersey, both current and retired—from K thru University level—and public to private instruction. 

A call for art was put forth in the New Jersey teacher and art communities. Numerous submissions were received and seventeen pieces were carefully selected to include in this exhibition as representations of the varied talents of art teachers in New Jersey. I hope you enjoy the wide selection of talents included in BACK TO SCHOOL and take a moment to thank and support the artists that so tirelessly work toward educating our children.

Robert Langdon
Gallery U Director / Curator


Plainfield School District, Retired
“Linescape 1-E”
Color Pencil on Paper
16” x 17” 

Westfield School District, Retired
“Gateway to Heaven”
24” x 20” framed

MORE After School Program, Westfield
“Tree, Forest”
Mixed Media on Wood
10” x 10” 


I enjoy painting in various media:  acrylic, watercolor, oils, pastelso a progression into mixed media is natural.  I like incorporating handmade papers, gold leaf, mirrors & botanicals in my paintings, as these lend textures and depth, and in some cases, interpret the poetry of the piece.

I paint in the confluence of many loves:  nature, people, dance, yoga, music & poetry.  Poetry in particular galvanizes my artistic process:  many of my paintings grow into poems, and many of my poems inspire paintings. In 2010 my published collection of poems "Brightness" highlighted how poetry and drawing/painting inform each other in my art, and move my artistic growth and exploration.  I am interested in music, dance & movement (ballet & yoga in particular) and enjoy working out how these other expressions of creativity can be translated visually.  Music & dance influence the expressiveness of my painting and as always, a lifelong love of nature and my relationships with people stir up that fundamental urge to create.

MORE After School Program, Westfield
Mixed Media on Wood
12” x 12” 

Retired Instructor
“Great Swamp in Autumn”
Watercolor on Paper
31” x 25” framed 


I taught art in New Jersey public schools for many years before retiring in 2010. Children’s art work gave me great joy, but I am very happy to have time to devote to my own painting.

I am inspired by nature  and people. Color, texture, line and mood are found in what I observe outside and inside my work has an impressionistic feel. This particular painting was done in fall and winter which accounts for the calm, warm tones in the work.

Warren County Community College
Watercolor on Paper
15” x 22” 


Tracy DiTolla works in various media but is currently focusing on watercolor painting and collage. There are several recurring themes that present themselves in her work such as alcoholism, mental illness, religion and meditation. She often uses a humorous slant when dealing with serious issues. Tracy has her BA in Art History with a minor in Studio Art from William Paterson University and her MA in Art History from Montclair University. Tracy DiTolla is currently an art lecturer at Warren County Community College.

Private Instructor
“Red Flower Fairy Tribe”
Mixed Media on Vintage Paint By Number
22” x 18” 


Kathleen Heron frequently got into trouble as a child for drawing during elementary school classes. She now tries to avoid trouble, but is still drawing. She mostly mixes media, combining ink with pastels. Her favorite subjects are women of her imagination.

On the 3D side, Kathleen creates assemblages using found objects and incorporates pictures with her own drawings. Her work owes a great debt to Joseph Cornell. She has attended the New School, the School of Visual Arts and Parson’s School of Design, all in New York City. Kathleen was an instructor at Arts Unbound teaching art to those with disabilities. She currently teaches art privately. 

Red Bank Regional High School
“Seasons Change - Loch Arbour”
12” x 18” 


As a visual artist, I find words can never replace or fully express the artist’s pure vision . . .but I will try.

My images have always been very personal – a way to capture a feeling of peacefulness. Since I was a very young child, the ocean and surfing has mesmerized me. I always felt one with the ocean – complete in body and soul with nature. Not growing up near the beach, I took photos to capture the beauty. Just looking at the pictures gave me serenity. I continued to shoot into my adult years focusing on nature, spiritualism and architecture. Collectively, I have been most inspired by independence, strength and loneliness –characteristics that have defined me at different times of my life. My work has been a visually conceptual journal of my life. 

I choose to shoot primarily black and white with high exposure. The contrast is abrupt, dark, defined and direct. The images I chose for this exhibition best express my inspirations as a collection and representation of my style.

Newark School of Fine & Industrial Art
Acrylic on Canvas
30” x 15” 


Believing people are as individual as snowflakes, I have always been fascinated by variations in the human race and enjoyed the cultural differences. My study of people through observation and personal experience had led me to realize that the celebration of cultural differences gives a better understanding of who we are as people(s). I focus on the fact that we are all members of  one body who experience love, pain, sorrow, life, death, have the need of community, housing and education/training.  I like to think that my work is a universal expression to which anyone can relate. My endeavor is to portray the beauty and emotion of the human experience. I capture images through digital photography which allows me to have a visual library at my disposal.  

Expressions such as a person’s mood, the innocence of a child, the warmth and caring of a parent, love for another, history etched on the faces of the aged, the weathered face of a laborer, the expectancy of a young woman, the mood of a singer  so social dancers is most enjoyable to me. I love to paint people involved in life’s activities and interaction with each other.  I like to “introduce people to people”, bring the unusual into common settings.  Though I have rendered paintings in oil paint and water colors, acrylic paint has become my most preferred medium.

Bayonne High School, Retired
20” x 24” 


As a former computer graphics teacher and photo artist, I engaged in the use of digital technology as part of my daily routine, both in the classroom and as part of my personal photographic journey.   I utilize the latest technological advances to enhance and improve my images and fine-tune them to my liking.

Expanding my portfolio, which contains an eclectic mix of street photography, candid images and photomontages fuels the never-ending search for unusual, compelling and striking images to satisfy my passion for the art of photography.   In a world saturated with visual images, I make certain that my photographs and montages are unique, original and have genuine interest to me.   As I look to my environment, I carefully choose subject matter that begs to be photographed, whether serious, mundane, romantic or whimsical.   I have become increasingly aware of my surroundings, looking to discover images from everyday and unexpected sources. 

My use of photography, not only in its traditional form, but as a tool to create photo-based artwork has increased dramatically in my quest to create and archive new, original and unusual images in my portfolio.  What I see and capture must meet both my eye and my soul and also have visual impact that will evoke a feeling or reaction within the viewer with whom I strive to have a similar connection. Since my photographs and montages are conceived with the notion to be seen, pondered and enjoyed, the emotional connection with the observer completes the intent of my artistry.

Brody Early Childhood Center, JCC of Central NJ
“Steampunk Zebra”
Ink with Mixed Media
18” x 24” 


David Nicolato is a graduate of Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. His work has been exhibited throughout the New York metropolitan area, at both traditional and non-traditional spaces over the last fifteen years. Working predominantly in pencil and also mixed media, his style has been described as both “magical” and “dark”, mixing elements of fantasy and surrealism. His subject matter is predominantly rooted in dream imagery with elements of nature and the "real" world.

David is currently working on a new series of drawings, paintings and mixed media compositions for 2015. These works tell a story about the cruelty and atrocities that occur in the circus and animal entertainment industries. In these arenas, animals are treated as objects for human enjoyment. Many are kidnapped from their homes and families and forced to learn tricks often through cruel and violent means. Their natural wild spirits are broken and they become slaves to this industry. Many are forced live in crowded cells and cages with no room to run or fly or swim freely as they are born to do. This sometimes results in violent attacks on trainers and spectators, as these once majestic creatures reach their limit of submission and hit a melting point. Sadly, and ironically, some are killed for defending themselves and lashing out against these people who have been torturing them. It is the hope of this artist that through these works, the viewer will begin to realize that wild animals are just that, wild. They need to left alone and live their lives as they are meant to.

David’s work can also be viewed online at He resides in Verona, NJ with his wife and two daughters. 

Private Instructor, Cape May
“Lois Lane”
Mixed Media
16” x 16” 


I am a lover of light and all that it has to do with any form of art.  After 35 years of photographing and almost that many years of teaching, one gets to know and enjoy the craft and the key elements of composition, light and, of course, some technical controls.  The Polaroid process offered the original magic that first drew me to photography which is at the core of any creative process.  Although the Polaroid process that I am about to describe is no longer available, I cherish these images as one-of-a-kind pieces from a couple of classic photographic and painting techniques. 

I became intimately and immediately involved in the creation of every image by composing and capturing the image on Polaroid film with a simple point-and-shoot-type camera.  As it was developing, I began to manipulate the chemistry by pushing directly on the surface of the film pouch.  This is done with a burnishing tool of any kind like a crochet hook for detail or a carpenter’s nail or small wooden stick for broader areas to interpret the scene more like a painter than a photographer.  As the chemistry got pushed into new areas of the image, everything begins to lose definition as it continues to develop and become more impressionistic or painterly.  I could rub out objects that I didn’t want to appear and transform reality to what I wanted with the resulting image being more like a little painting.  

I call these images mixed media because there are so many steps that take place before the piece is complete. Once I manipulated the small photograph, it was usually hand-colored with dyes to darken an area or bring out a detail.  Over time, I began to scan and blown them up onto watercolor paper or canvas where I am now hand-coloring them with pastels, colored pencils or dyes.  

I love the painterly process and the opportunity to create an original one-of-a-kind piece while still working within my area of photography.  This process awakens the artist within. Inquire about classes, workshops or private tutoring in this and other creative photo techniques: 908-790-8820.

Private Instructor
“Untitled #1”
Mixed Media
24” x 24” 

Arthur L. Johnson High School, Clark
“Precausal Reasoning”
Acrylic on Canvas
18” x 24” 


During the practice of making images over the last few years, a few important realizations have revealed themselves. The exploration of abstraction is a dialog that force me to consider how and why the image develops. My concern lies with the surface of the painting, without the illusion of space beyond these two dimensions. Therefore, these paintings are ‘about’ exactly what you see.
But paintings grow and develop through process, so their meaning must start there. I am drawn to working with simple geometric shapes, careful to not plan too far into the future. The use of acrylic, sometimes coupled with drawing materials, allows me to work swiftly or slowly. The process­ layering, mixing, removing, editing­ dictates what the finished image will look like.
As an artist and teacher (of both art and art history) I am drawn to many artists, trends, movements and styles. Some leave their mark more directly than others. Abstract Expressionism, Dada, the Fauves all influence and enrich my art­making process. The undeniably rich history of art, and the constant change of the contemporary continues to provide me with much to think about.

Private Instructor
“River Blossom”
Acrylic and Paper on Wood
18” x 16” 


Painting is meditation, play, and expressive journaling, which allow a series of moments to be captured. The intention of the paintings is to allow the process of their execution speak as loudly as any subject matter that the viewer may resonate with. I hope to convey a sense of truth so that the viewers can make their own personal connections.
The images reveal themselves as layers of paint, fabric, and manipulated papers are added and removed from the canvas. It is a direct and instinctive process where decisions are made individually as the piece evolves. Reductive methods such as sanding and scratching create a quality of aging, which play off of some of the up- cycled materials used in the paintings and frames. The hand made frames are intended to be bridges between the imaginary world of the painting and our physical world. They extend the images in the paintings and interpret them into our reality. The concepts for the frames are revealed as complete designs rather than the instinctive stroke-by-stroke intuitive process of the paintings.
A high altitude perspective informs the work as themes such as the environment, spirituality and manmade structures appear in the paintings. Circular forms reveal themselves as planets, blossoms and energetic impulses. A mystical world outside our own physical reality influences the process and content of the paintings. The subject matter of the work repeats itself as well as evolves over time based on my current life experience.

Private Instructor
“Yellow River Valley”
Acrylic and Paper on Wood
24” x 22” 

Private Instructor
“Flowers and Fruit”
Oil on Canvas
18” x 24” 


Rosalia Tignini Verdun is an award-winning Italian-American portrait, still life and landscape artist. Born and raised in Italy, she was constantly surrounded by the Italian esthetic, couture and food. She began her formal artistic journey at the Lenac Technical School of Fashion Design. After graduating, she and her family immigrated to the US. While owner of Rosalia Fashion Boutique in Brooklyn, she further nourished her passion for the arts by taking private art classes, and visiting the museums and galleries of New York. Rosalia, after taking a break to raise 3 beautiful children, returned to the fashion industry as millnery manager at Kleinfeld bridals, then worked for Brioni New York, among others. 
She has fervently dedicated her time and life to continued study of the arts. A few of her influences are: the Pre-Raphaelist realists, Sorolla, Sargent, Rembrandt, and Valasquez. She also has an appreciation for the new contemporary masters: Nelson Shanks, David Leffel, Daniel Green, John Howard Sanden, and Gregg Kreutz.  Self-study and continued development with her chosen media of oil, pastel, acrylic, ink and charcoal are ever-present in her life.
Her art work is in many homes of collectors , and she has been represented by fine galleries in New Jersey. She regularly participates in group shows in New York and New Jersey. Rosalia is co-founder of the art group Visions since 2008 and is also the founder of the art group Open Studio Painters. She teaches acrylic and portraiture classes, as well as private lessons.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Wacky Tacky Wreaths

Gallery U Boutique in Westfield hosted a family and children's workshop on Saturday where participants created their own wacky tacky wreaths from various materials. It was a huge success and greater fun was had by all. Participants left with handmade wreaths for their homes this Halloween!