Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Ekphrasis:Art & Words" preview at Montclair Art Museum and opening reception

Thank you to everyone who attended the preview at the Montclair Art Museum and our opening reception for "EKPHRASIS: Art & Words". Both were really wonderful events. Thank you to all of the artists and poets who participated. And thank you to all of the folks who provided the photographs from the EKPHRASIS events. "Ekphrasis: Art & Words" will be exhibited through May, 2, 2016. 

Preview of "Ekphrasis" at Free First Thursday at Montclair Art Museum
April 7, 2016

Poet Robert Langdon reads his piece "Vanity" which inspired a new work of art by Gail Winbury

Poet Robert P. Langdon reads his poetry

Artist Luis Alves and Robert Langdon with Luis' piece "Taboo Love" inspired by the poem "Love Is Definitely Purple" by poet Michelle Greco

Poet Gwyneth Green reads her poem "grandma's chair" inspired by artist Ellen Martin's piece "Abandoned #64"

Artist Ellen Martin and poet Gwyneth Green with Ellen's piece "Abandoned #64" which inspired Gwyneth to create the poem "grandma's chair"

"Ekphrasis: Art & Words" opening reception at Gallery U
April 8, 2016

Poet Gwynneth Green created a new poem for artist Nanci France-Vaz's piece "La Mort de L'Amour" 

Artist Erica Resnick created her assemblage titled "Faire des Choix" inspired by the poem "The Hunter, The Bear and Little Red Cape" by Robert Langdon

Poet Patrick Hammer, Jr. reads his poem inspired by Ellen Martin's photograph "Abandoned #1"

Poet John J. Trause reads his poem inspired by the collage work of Luis Alves

Poet Gwynneth Green reads her poem inspired by "Interlude: Waiting for You" by Nanci France-Vaz

Poet Robert Langdon reads his poem "Vanity" which inspired artists Gail Winbury and Kathleen Heron to create new artwork inspired by this poem.


  1. This “Ekphrasis:Art & Words” preview event looks really interesting and enjoyable. Such events are my personal favorite. Usually I attend such events with my friends. At domestic gallery event space in LA we will be attending one more event on next weekend. Can’t wait for it.